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Baby, Inside The Womb, Loves The Beach [VIDEO]
The most wonderful thing I have ever experienced is the thrill of carrying and giving birth to my three children. Every mother knows how incredible it feels when your baby moves for the first time. The mother in this video is a couple of weeks from giving birth and it looks as if the baby inside can…
Cats Gets Caught Barking Like A Dog
Have you ever seen a pet look guilty?  I have seen my dog hand her head in shame behind a table many times when I walk in to find a shoe torn to pieces.  In this case, watch the guilt of this cat who "pretends" to be a dog...or is it vice versa?  You b…
Daddy Climbs In The Crib
You know, there are nights I feel like trying this to get my daughter to sleep, but this dad should know he's in for the long run.  So funny for any parent.