Deer Goes Crazy After Crashing Into a Bus
I have had my fair share of run ins with deer. Living in the country, it's just a way of life. You must, during the early morning hours and evening/night hours, constantly be on alert and have your eyes scanning the sides of the road.
Once, on a trip back to Indiana from Tennessee, a deer came inches…
Man Chased Up Tree By Angry Deer [VIDEO]
When one thinks of a deer, one thinks of a gentle Bambi-like creature. However, adult male deers can be pretty rough customers. Especially during mating season, when they use their sharp horns to jostle over female deer companionship.
Indiana Plans State Park Hunts
If you are a hunter, you will want to plan a trip to Indianas State Parks in the coming weeks. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources will close 21 parks for two rounds of deer hunts this month. The hunts are scheduled for Nov 14 and 15 also Nov 28 and 29...
Roads Dangerous During High Water For Deer, Motorists
If you've crossed the Twin Bridges any time in the last month and a half, you've seen the flashing signs warning you of deer.  That is because with the high water, the deer that populate the Evansville and Henderson flood plains are looking for higher ground...