David Fanning

CMA Fest 2014: David Fanning Talks Vodka and Thompson Square
David Fanning is one of my favorite people EVER! He was my first in-studio interview, so we figured it's only fitting that he'd be my first CMA Interview too :) Find out where the best place in Nashville to get a drink is, and a story you should ask Thompson Square when you see them next..…
Country Whuppin’ – Danielle Bradbery Vs. David Fanning
Danielle Bradbery is one win away from a second straight trip to the Country Whuppin' Hall of Fame with five wins.  Danielle needs to get past one more challenger, and that's singer and songwriter, David Fanning, whose single was written by someone else, Justin Timberlake.
Artist Spotlight: David Fanning
We always try to introduce you to new music on 99.5 WKDQ, but we can’t put everybody on air. So, I decided to start spotlighting some of my favorite artists just for you! New artists, old artists, in between artists, I’ve got them all!