Freezeframe Your Face With No Wrinkles
An instant fix for wrinkles???? Well, YES!! 14,000 people are on a waiting list to get a new face cream that's better than Botox. Freezeframe uses muscle-relaxing ingredients to make wrinkles vanish in as little as five minutes.
Botox Mom Loses Daughter
We posted the story last week of the little 8 year-old girl whose mother injected her with botox.
Insert sigh of relief here: ABC News is reporting that Britney Campbell, an 8-year-old pageant queen whose mother admitted to giving her Botox injections, has been removed from her home.
Britney's mother,…
Mom Gives Eight Year-Old Botox – Really?
Kerry Campbell took herself out of the race for Mother of the Year Thursday when she revealed to 'Good Morning America' that she gives her 8-year-old pageant queen daughter Botox injections.
Campbell, a part-time aesthetician, told 'GMA's' Lara Spencer that she does the injec…