Slade Family Video Christmas Card is Amazing
It is that time of year to start receiving Christmas cards from friends and family. I just received mine from Eric Cornish the other day, a great card featuring photos of his wife and kids. I also received my annual card from my Uncle Rich from California. I have never really sent out Christmas, but…
Watch Awesome Dog Perform Amazing Tricks
We all love our dogs and everybody has at least one amazing story about their dog. Dog videos are great and there have been some pretty incredible ones on YouTube. The below video features a dog doing some pretty amazing tricks that are in no way typical.
Ten Awesome Practical Joke Ideas [Video]
Who doesn't like a good practical joke? In today's world we need something to laugh at and nothing makes me laugh harder than playing a cool practical joke on the ones I love. Finding different ways to scare people is probably my favorite, followed by fun with rubber animals, reptiles and …