A typical American dad woke up one morning and decided he wanted to do something very special with his 3-year-old son Oliver. What he created for his son was something all dads should take note of. Dad remembered a scene in Adam Sandler's movie 'Big Daddy', which had a profound effect on him.

The scene is where Sandler dresses up like action hero Scuba Steve as a way to get the boy he is looking after to do things. Dad wanted to take Oliver to a trampoline park, but only if he was good. So, dad dressed in a Spider-Man costume and gave Oliver a Spider-Man costume of his own.

Dad said, "We played with his toys and jumped around. I also made him the promise of going to the trampoline park if he behaved well." Oliver was very good.

A few days later, dad and Oliver put on their Spider-Man costumes and went to the trampoline park for a day Oliver will never forget and dad made a video of the adventure. Dad later said, "I'm using the disguise of a super-hero to get him to do things and make him happy at the same time. I highly recommend parents do this." You're a super-hero dad dude! See their awesome adventure below.