The ancient Mayans predict the world is going to end on Dec. 21st, which really upsets me because, that means, my husband won't have a chance to redeem himself for not getting me a birthday gift. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. LOL Well, anyway, a Russian company is trying to cash in AND make the end of the world a little happier with vodka. Throw in some fish, candles and a notepad... now you've got a party!

According to, the end of times kit includes: medicine, soap, some candles and matches, a can of fish, a pack of buckwheat, a bottle of vodka, a notepad and pencil, blank ID card, game instructions (in case you get bored) and a rope. Hmmmmm...a rope? This could be FUN!!! The options are endless! ;-)

Marina Mendelson wedding agency sells Last Day sets in Tomsk. (RIA Novosti / Yakov Andreev)


The kit is made by a bridal party operator in Tomsk, Western Siberia (odd?!?!!?) and it's going to cost you 890 rubles – or $28. What a great stocking stuffer. Well, if the world doesn't end. I'm so confused - are you?