We are just a week away from Thanksgiving, and so many people devastated by Sandy will be spending the holiday sifting through what used to be their lives to see if there is anything that can be salvaged from one of the worst storms to ever hit the Eastern Seaboard. While many of us will sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with our friends and family, we need to do so being very mindful of those who will not be so fortunate. The surviving victims of Sandy will tell you how incredibly thankful they are to be alive, but they are still faced with  the daunting task of rebuilding their lives.

Something else that needs rebuilding is the Jersey Shoreline, which was literally and physically altered to the point that some of the landscape boundaries actually need to be re-drawn. Can you imagine?

WKDQ is owned by Townsquare Media and we have a great cluster of sister stations in New Jersey who have asked for our help. A website, restoretheshore.com, has been created to raise money for what promises to be one of the largest rebuilding projects since Katrina almost removed New Orleans from the map a few years back. They are still rebuilding in New Orleans and now the task of rebuilding the Jersey Shore begins.

Any help we can give this effort will go a long way toward helping New Jersey return to what will be a new 'normal'. To donate, please click here.