‘Makin’ This Boy Go Crazy’ is rapidly climbing the charts and doing GREAT on our station, but have you ever wondered who Dylan Scott really was? Well, to say the least… he’s awesome! Dylan grew up in Louisiana, and was literally under the country music influence since birth. His father, Scotty, played guitar and sang harmony for both Freddie Fender and Freddie Hart.

Not only is Dylan an amazing singer and songwriter, he’s an all-around great guy! You can like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter, and I can almost guarantee he’ll make you feel welcome. He isn’t afraid to act like a goof and be himself, and he’s definitely not one to take you for granted. My favorite part about Dylan, aside from his music, is how connected he stays with his fans. Oh! And another thing that I LOVE about Dylan is that he’s a big hunter! He loves hunting deer and duck and it was always something he was able to do with his family growing up in Louisiana.

Dylan’s currently signed to Sidewalk Records and credits some of his musical influences to Keith Whitley and Tim McGraw. Now one thing that I KNOW you won’t believe is that Dylan is only 23 years old! He scored his record deal in 2010 and left his life of construction work behind in Bastrop, LA for the big life in Nashville.

When I talked to Dylan the other day, I learned so much about him that I didn’t even know, and I work in radio! For instance, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot stop biting his nails! It’s so bad that he tries to hide them every time he signs autographs. My question is… how the heck do ya hold a pen!? ;)

Dylan loves NASCAR! He was just too funny to not quote, “I love racing! I grew up watching NASCAR and my dad’s best friend drove a dirt track late model so we were at the dirt track races every weekend. I hope to one day own a dirt track car. I may not drive it, but someone will!”

But in all seriousness, Dylan is just a regular guy from Louisiana that was raised in a middle class home that now has one of the coolest jobs ever! Nothing can ever change the way his mom and dad raised him and he will always just be regular ol Dylan! Oh! By the way, he loves fruity candy, so if ya ever get a chance to meet him, Laffy Taffy, Starburst, Mentos, Peach Rings or Now and Laters would be appreciated ;)

I promise, we’re working on bringing Dylan back up sometime soon, but until then check out the music video below for ‘Makin’ This Boy Go Crazy’!

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