How are your manners? Do you always say please and thank you? As I go out into the tri-state, many times giving away concert tickets, food and other prizes, I see first hand the lack of manners. People don't like the free food or want better seats at a concert, among many other things. What I don't hear enough of is "please" or "thank you" Maybe WE should all do better and therefore, teach by example, so our kids will have better manners. I found a list of manners EVERY child should have. (maybe when they are grown-ups, they will still do them!)  Here are a few that I agree with...

Say, "Please."

Say, "Thank you."

Do not interrupt grown-ups unless there is an emergency

If you do need to get somebodys attention right away please say "excuse me"

When people ask you how you are, answer and then ask them how THEY are.

Always knock on closed doors

Don't call people bad names.

Do not make fun of anyone for ANY reason.

As you walk through a door, look to see if you can hold it for someone else.

To see the complete list visit Yahoo Shine