This video should be mandatory viewing in classrooms, especially when talking about bullying. Jennifer Livingston is a news anchor in La Crosse, Wisconsin and recently received an e-mail from a viewer saying she was too fat to be on the air and was setting a poor example for the community and in particular, young girls. Livingston decided to respond to this e-mail on air with the backing of management and her co-anchor and husband, Mike Thompson.

A portion of the e-mail reads, "I was surprised to witness that your physical condition hasn't improved for many years. I leave you this note hoping that you'll reconsider your responsibility as a local public personality to present and promote a healthy lifestyle."

Livingston responded by getting very personal about her struggles and took full responsibility for herself. She then proceeded to explain to the viewer how his cruel words are the equivalent of bullying. Livingston did a beautiful job with her response, which should be held up as an example for all of us. Great job, Jennifer and thank you. See her response below.