I cannot wait to tell my wife that according to a new study, cell phone use is safe and cannot harm you. She will love this because hers is attached to her head! For years they have told us that excessive cell phone use could lead to health problems including brain tumors and even cancer. The concern has always been centered around the non-ionizing radiation that cell phones can release. A new study by the Health Protection Agency, (HPA), has concluded that there is no evidence linking cell phone use to health issues like tumors and cancer. The HPA has endorsed continued monitoring of cell phone use as it relates to human health because that usage is more widespread than ever.

The study concluded, "The evidence suggests that radio frequency field exposure below guideline levels does not cause symptoms in humans." In fact, the group studied electromagnetic fields produced by mobile phones, wireless devices, such as wi-fi, as well as television and radio transmitters and said there is no evidence of harm to humans.

Dr. John Cooper, the HPA's director of the Center for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards, says this information does not mean we should have cell phones glued to our heads and he says that children should be discouraged from excessive use, but bottom line, cell phones are safe. I don't know about you, but that's a big load off my mind.