Mrs. Doubtfire came out in 1993 and won an Academy Award for best make-up and was considered one of the funniest movies of that year. Robin Williams starred as a divorced father who would do anything to stay close to his children and in their lives everyday. So, Williams' character, Daniel Hillard, dressed as a woman and got the job of Nanny for his three children and his ex-wife Miranda had no clue who he really was. As hilarious as the storyline is, there is an element to the whole concept that is kind of creepy and Williams is brilliant in the role as an aging English woman who makes everyones life in the Hillard family so much easier, including learning a few things about himself along the way.

Peter Javidpour is a very clever internet enthusiast who created a brand new trailer for the movie as a psycholgical thriller and the result is sheer genius. He cleverly takes actual scenes from the movie, which again, is a comedy and edits them in a way that could turn this classic into the next 'Shining'. See for yourself below....if you dare.