In my predictions for 2013, I made in the early part of this year, I'm actually doing quite well.  The one thing that hasn't quite come to fruition yet is the return of Garth Brooks.  That being said, so many hints are coming at us to show that Garth's comeback could be on the horizon.

1) After plenty of inactivity, there was the cryptic post on Garth's website: “The sevens have aligned. It has begun … Thank you for believing … love, g.”

2) There was the news that Garth's last show from the Wynn in Las Vegas would air live on CBS on Black Friday.

3) Now, to get us prepared for that, GAC will be airing a special this Saturday night called 'Blame It All On My Roots"

4) A Box set entitled 'Blame It All On My Roots' is scheduled to be released through Walmart on 11/19/13.

Garth never does anything 'by accident,' and I have to believe the phenomenon is set to happen once again!