Luke Bryan is one of the HOTTEST dishes on my Country Music Buffet of Hottness. One thing the definatly make shim hot is the fact that he loves sharing stories about being a daddy.

Last month, Bryan was getting ready for his latest No. 1 party for ‘I Don’t Want This Night to End.’ But home life hit brought everything back down to earth when he had to make an unexpected visit to the ER for his four-year-old son, Bo.

“We’ve already been to Vanderbilt this morning,” Bryan told Taste of Country later that afternoon. “He had to get xrays. He fell in one of these treehouse things you take your kids to so they can play.”

The weird part? “His lip’s not busted, but his whole gum is like torn off,” explained the concerned father. “So we were up [this morning], running to Vanderbilt getting him xrayed. He is going to be fine. We found out he’ll need braces one day because his teeth will be coming in crooked like his mom and dad’s!”

Luckily Bryan had some family members who were in town for the No. 1 party, so they were on duty for babysitting his youngest son, Tate (20-months-old). “[Tate] was running around the house without a diaper when we left, and he pooped on the floor,”


At that point, you think Luke was looking forward to getting back on the road?  ;-)