After working all weekend trying to meet some of my job requirements I can't get done during the week, I long for a simpler time. Sometimes, I feel like I am driving and working my life away.

I can remember when I was a little girl (just like the pic), I simply had to clean my room on a Saturday in order to be able to go spend the night with my cousin. (My goofy little brother, Frank - shown to my right - usually got to go too! lol) Later, as a teenager, I had to help clean a little more, but the prize was much bigger. Oh, I bitched and moaned, but I did it. Now, it seems like I have no down time and that ONE simple chore, of cleaning my room, would be a godsend today. I recently came across a short film that reminds us ALL, as if we needed reminded, that our childhood is definitely OVER.

Yes, I worked ALL weekend, but my reward is even greater than when I was a teenager. The reward is a job I love, even if it sometimes seems to never end. I guess that's why I try to see the fun and goofy side of everything, even my job. The inner child in me just can't help it. ;-)