To me, EVERY day is a reason to celebrate!!! Every morning on the show, I break the celebrating down for you by telling you 'Today is...' Here is how I plan on celebrating TODAY!!!

Today is......November 5

The day the American Football League was formed. While football, in most parts of the world means soccer, for MY family it means weekends spent sitting on bleachers, bundled up, cheering on sacks, tackles, pass catches and touchdowns!

On Friday night, my heart melted while watching my oldest son help Castle become Sectional Champs. He is a starting defensive lineman for the Knights and stays focused at all times, which is quite unlike the football player he used to be that would look up at 'Mommy' after every great play.

At those moments, his dad would assure me that he would not be able to do that in the future and that, when on the sidelines OR on the field, that stands and fans are to be ignored. I hated the thought of him growing up and becoming a REAL football player.

Well, Friday night, as I was watching him celebrating the upcoming win with his coaches and team mates, I saw him look back in to the stands to the left and then glance back at the right. As he looked into the right side of the stands, which is where I was sitting with the rest of the family, he looked right at ME. He smiled, I smiled and waved, his eyes lit up, he gave a subtle wave and smiled at me again. Just like when he was little, he wanted to share this awesome moment with me...'Mom.' My eyes filled up with tears and he shyly smiled again and looked back at the field.

Even though we seem to connect less and less as he gets older, he showed me, with that look,  that our connection is stronger than ever. Thank you Mason. xo