To me, EVERY day is a reason to celebrate!!! Every morning on the show, I break the celebrating down for you by telling you 'Today is...' Here is how I plan on celebrating TODAY!!!

Today is......November 9

National Nibble Day -  This morning, we asked you what food you LOVE to nibble on. I said almonds, anything almonds, any and all flavors of almonds, well, I lied. lol It's meatballs! I know, I know, the jokes that could have been told on the air!! ;-)

Anyway, as crazy as it sounds, I love to nibble on meatballs. The frozen, ready to use, pre-cooked, in a sack kind. OK......get your mind out of the gutter. HAHA

You know the ones! You get them in the freezer section, all ready made and seasoned. YES!!!! I pop them like candy! You have to eat them cold, though, right out of the fridge.

Don't judge!! Try em! You will like em :-)


Marijn de Vries Hoogerwerff, flickr