Only a few months in the country music scene and Lauren Alaina has already encountered what I like to call the "Nashville Diet."  The runner-up for this year's ‘American Idol‘ has already lost 25 pounds and has a thin new figure.  It never fails with young starlets on the verge in Nashville.  I'm not saying it's not healthy, heck I could stand to lose a few, but it seems like that's always the first step.  Music is secondary.  

In the new issue of Us Weekly, Alaina touts her new eating habits it helping drop the pounds.  Good for her.  I just wish some of the Nashville brass would leave these girls alone and let them sing (assuming it was their idea for the weight loss...and I'm sure it was).  Lauren wasn't a big girl...just curvy.  That's the same way Carrie Underwood she's a vegetarian.  What can I say, I like a little meat on the bones, but nonetheless, Lauren does look great, and sounds even better.  Her album "Wildflower" is in stores now!