The Kentucky Lottery would like to remind you that you are turning your kids into a bunch of degenerate gamblers this holiday season.

At least that is what some officials seem to think. The Kentucky lottery board recently implemented a new, statewide gambling initiative aimed at educating parents about the dangers of purchasing lottery tickets as Christmas gifts for children under 18 years of age.

“Parents may think it’s fun and a whimsical thing to do, to give kids lottery tickets over the holidays. But studies have shown time and time again that gambling can have a negative effect on kids,” said Kentucky Lottery spokesperson Chip Polston.

In conjunction with this anti-youth gambling initiative, flyers have gone up in retail outlets all across the state that read, “Give responsibly. Lottery tickets aren’t child’s play. Keep the fun in the holidays -- don’t purchase lottery tickets as gifts for underage children.”

And even though the act of an adult purchasing lottery tickets and “gifting them to a child” is perfectly legal, Polston says Kentucky does not want to encourage parents to do it. However, any retailer caught selling lottery tickets to underage children could face penalties - up to the loss of their sales license.