When we say that the first ever Taste of Country concert this Saturday is going to be amazing, we're not just joshin'.  Look at the two top acts on the bill, Josh Turner and Josh Thompson.  Those country hit-makers will be bringing their shows to the stage at Ellis Park and I'm sure you'll find their styles very different.  Their music isn't the only thing different about these guys.  While their first names and last initials may be the same, they have many individual differences that may surprise you.

Hometowns - North meets South

When Josh Thompson sings about "Way Out Here," you may think he's talking about someplace south of the Mason-Dixon line, given his love of John Wayne, Johnny Cash, and John Deere.  In reality, Thompson grew up in Wisconsin.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, Josh Turner was born and raised singing gospel in the state of South Carolina.

Influences - Rough or polished

Both Turner and Thompson have heroes in the music business that left their mark on country music.  While both of them were very important to the format, they couldn't be more different.  Josh Turner admired Randy Travis, the smooth, clean-cut crooner of the 80's and 90's.  He even got to record a CMT TV special with him.  Josh Thompson is a huge fan of Waylon Jennings, who changed the 70's with his outlaw ways.  Thompson even included a song on his debut album called "Blame It On Waylon."

First Singles - Church Pew or Bar Stool

If you want to see the differences in the music of the two Josh's, just look at their debut singles in country music.  Josh Turner introduced himself to the world with "Long Black Train," the religious ballad about the fight to stay away from sins of the world.  Josh Thompson, on the other hand, came straight from work to the store to buy some of those sins, in "Beer On The Table."

So, whether you like the deep smooth voice, and short hair of Josh Turner or you like the gravelly northern twang, and long pony-tail of Josh Thompson, you're in for a great show.  My guess is you will love them both, so get your tickets now and avoid long lines the day of the show.

Haven't got your tickets yet for Taste of Country?

Taste of Country : Saturday, September 10, 7:30PM at Ellis Park Race Course, 3300 US Highway 41 North, Henderson, KY. Ticket Prices are $25 (General Admission) plus applicable taxes and fees and $100 (Best Seats in the House) ; tickets can be purchased at eventbrite.com and at the WKDQ studio located here or WBKR studio located here.