Saturday night my wife and I went out to dinner at a place we frequent and love and decided to sit outside. My only problem with this restaurant and a few others in town is the lack of coasters for the cold drinks and that just drives me nuts! I usually get a tall draft beer that comes in some sort of frozen glass or mug that becomes a liquidy mess on the table once it begins to thaw...I hate that!! The same is true for ice water and soft drinks where ice is involved. You know what happens, you pick it up and water drips all over your arm, your shirt, your phone, and worst of all....your pants!!! And of course, I was wearing light colored khaki shorts, which means it looked like I wet myself. In my mind, providing coasters is just common sense, especially when sitting outside in the summertime....why is this so hard for restaurants to figure out.

What's worse is when you are trying to read the menu, or even worse yet, reading a document from work or from...I don't know, your attorney and water drips all over it. It really upsets me, but I simply fold my napkin a couple of times and make my own coaster and simply ask the server for additional napkins...yeah, good luck with that.

The problem with additional napkins is that they almost never come until you have sauce or ketchup dripping from every corner of your mouth, which of course is the exact moment the server decides to ask you how everything is and you can't respond because you have a mouthful of food that is falling all down your face and onto your clothes. I've seen it a hundred times.

I just don't understand why disposable coasters cannot be provided! They just make the world a happier place because they eliminate that aggravating and messy drip that gets in the way of everything, not to mention on your food. I will not name the offending restaurants, but I'm confident you know who you are. COASTERS...PLEASE!!! It's just the right thing to do, especially for your outdoor patio customers....thank you.