Going to the bathroom at work can be a very delicate situation for some, while others just avoid it completely. Even the thought of it for some, me included, can bring on some pretty hefty anxiety. Yes, I am talking about number two, and we have all been there at one time or another. All of us at some point have felt that feeling in our stomach that causes us to immediately do some serious recon at work should the situation become unavoidable and inevitable. You sneak around trying to get a good idea of how many people are in the office and more important, how many of the same gender as the restroom you seek for relief.

Personally, I will go home if I have to because for me, there is just no way it can be done at work. There are far too many reasons why it is so difficult, far too many to go into here, but the below video will give you everything you need just in case you are left with no other choice.

I would caution you, however that if you have to go and you are at work, don't watch this video until you get home because you will laugh so hard.....well, you know. Glad I could help...enjoy.