Last week, I reprted that Jake Owen was off the market! Jake Owen proposed to Lacey Buchanan spontaneously at a show in Vero Beach, Fla., but something was missing.....the ring. That's because Jake made a spur-of-the-moment decision to ask Lacey in front of his hometown audience. and, he didn't have time to get the RING!  But, never fear, Jake got one and opened up about  the details.

Jake actually DESIGNED the ring with the help of Atlanta’s Lizzy Raye Jewelers. Going for a more classic look, he chose an oval-cut, 2.5-carat diamond and placed it in a dainty platinum setting with what he described to People as a “little bitty halo around it” made of small diamonds that match the diamonds on the band.

“I want that ring to be timeless,” he said. “When my mom saw it, she said, ‘That looks like something Princess Diana would wear.’ I was so excited to give it to her.”

When he finally gave it to her, Jake made the moment special,“I told her, ‘The sparkle is never going to go away in that ring, and I don’t want our sparkle to ever go away either,’” he recalled. “‘On your darkest days, I want you to look at it and see that there’s a glimmer of light in it. I want it to always remind you of the possibilities of our relationship.’”

AWESOME job, Jake!!! :-)