It's baseball season and there is something about food at the ballpark that just can't be beat. I can't wait to have that first hot dog at Bosse Field when the Evansville Otters begin play next month. Beer and dogs just taste better at a baseball stadium at any level. One thing you probably won't see at Bosse Field this season is the 'Boomstick' hot dog, which can only be found at The Ballpark in Arlington, Texas, the home of the Texas Rangers. If you are watching your cholesterol or have had angioplasty recently, you need to avoid this hot dog at all costs. Speaking of cost, the Boomstick will set you back $26!

The Boomstick is 24-inches long, or two feet and weighs in at three pounds. Basically, it's a hot dog on major is baseball after all, right? This behemoth dog is loaded down with beef chili, nacho cheese sauce, caramelized onions and jalapenos, which is served on a giant potato bun.

Last year, they sold around 20,000 Boomsticks, which accounted for half a million dollars in sales. A great promotion for this dog would be for the Rangers to team with a local cardiologist who will offer a free cardiogram with the purchase of every Boomstick. Would you eat one of these monsters? I would certainly give it my best shot. See how it's made below. Play ball!!!