The chances of surviving a run in with  a train going over 100 miles per hour are probably not very good. However, one Indiana man has proved that in match between man versus locomotive, sometimes man makes it out alive.

According to reports, 22-year-old Darryle See of Michiana Shores was listening to music on his headphones while taking a leisurely stroll on the railroad tracks close to his home in northern Indiana when he was struck by an Amtrak passenger train traveling at a rate of 110 miles per hour.

Authorities say that the angle of the train’s front end must have thrown See clear off the tracks and that the man was conscious when they arrived on the scene. See was transported to a nearby hospital where he is in serious condition - being treated for a fractured pelvis and non-life threatening neck injuries.

See’s grandmother, Helen Hugley, says that her grandson doesn’t have any recollection of being hit by the train.