An Indiana man managed to save his two children from drowning, over the weekend, after a crack in the ice caused them both to be swallowed up and stuck inside an icy pond.

According to a report made by Indiana Conservation Officer Patrick Heidenreich, Dale Buuck was forced to pull his two kids from a frozen pond located behind the family’s home in Fort Wayne on Saturday, after his 12-year-old son, Anthony, attempted to rescue his 8-year-old sister, Samantha, who fell through the ice and was submerged in frigid waters.

After hearing his two children screaming for help, Dale Buuck ran outside and pushed the kids to shallower water in order to help them out of the pond. Both buck and his son performed CPR on Samantha, who authorities estimate was underwater for about two minutes. Hospital officials say she was treated for hypothermia and is expected to make a full recovery.

Authorities are urging parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of playing on or around frozen lakes or ponds.