I was reading an article this morning about how much it will cost guys to get 'lucky' on Valentine's Day. Really, are you kidding me? This is exactly what's wrong with Valentine's Day - the expectations on both sides of the fence. The article broke down the cost for single guys, married guys and guys in a committed relationship. Let's go over the numbers and then we will talk about the stupidity of the whole thing. If a single guy want's to get 'lucky', he should expect to spend about $262; married guys, around $203 and single guys in a committed relationship, you get off easy - no pun intended - at only $180. What????

Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday where the pressure is really on some guys - husbands and boyfriends alike. Please, by all means have fun on Valentine's Day and enjoy it, but don't get caught up in expectations and making sure you spend enough money.

This day is about love - it really is - but the key is to do something that makes the other person feel special, loved and wanted. It has to be done everyday after V-Day as well if you want any hope at all of surviving your relationship. If you think V-Day sets you up for the year - wrong. Relationships take work to be successful and the measure of that success comes down to what you put into it, period, end of story.

There was another article last week that pointed out on average, it takes about three years into a relationship before you start taking the other person for granted...great, more good news. The key is to never take that person for granted and try and show them something everyday to let them know they still matter. It doesn't require money or a lot of work...just a little time...long enough to say hey, you still matter and I'm glad you're here - thank you for being here. That's it - that's all it takes.

Take it from a guy who has been married three times and FINALLY gets it. You know what else? It's nowhere near as hard as you might think and if you can do that, 'luck' will have nothing to do with it and you will get lucky - a lot!!!