When you have a daughter who is in love with baby dolls and bottles, you just don't get little boys - a hard lesson I learned this week. I was channel surfing one night and stumbled across a commercial for a toy trash truck with trash accessories. I thought, "OMGosh, who would buy that? What kid would want that?" So, of course I posed the question on my Facebook page. Well, it turns out little boys LOVE the Trash Pack "Trashies" Garbage Truck!

In fact, my friends explained that their sons wanted to be trash men when they grow up and the trash truck was a huge hit. It's big, noisy, dirty and powerful. What's not to love? One of our DJs, Dave Spencer on WBKR, even reminded me that when you have a make-believe city with an infrastructure, to be anatomically correct, you must have a trash truck.

It got me thinking, my daughter's first favorite toy was her baby doll. She is only 14-months-old and she feeds that baby, takes it for walks in the stroller, makes it ride in the car seat on the golf cart. She even "burps" the baby after a bottle. I'm sure the next step is the baby that soils itself. What fun to change diapers, right?! The most interesting make-believe play is immolating what children see every day.

As a society, maybe we should be more considerate of our first passions. There is nothing wrong with working with trash. In fact, I think a trash man (or woman) has a very important job and their social standing should reflect that.

So, dear parents of little boys, buy those trash trucks! The kind of look like fun!