I'm sitting here and struggling how to begin this article. Society as whole might have fallen to an all-time low yesterday in Kansas City when Chiefs' quarterback Matt Cassel was drilled by Baltimore Ravens' defensive end Haloti Ngata in the fourth quarter of yesterday's game at Arrowhead Stadium. Cassel went down in a heap and lay motionless for several minutes, obviously injured and the Kansas City fans did something I have never seen before or ever thought I would see....they cheered. Let me say that again...THEY CHEERED. In all my life, I have never seen anything more callous, more sickening and disgusting than that very act of fans actually cheering a player's injury. When Cassel's backup, Brady Quinn, grabbed his helmet and prepared to come in for Cassel, the cheers got even louder.

I was absolutely horrified and completely speechless at what I was witnessing because this went way beyond a football game. This was a statement about today's society and the road we are headed down and once you start down a road like that, it's hard to go back. Football is a game, nothing more - a game that has little to no social value whatsoever and these people were cheering the fact that a player was hurt.

If you are a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs you are well aware of how Cassel has struggled over the last two seasons and over the first four games of this season. Cassel committed three turnovers in yesterday's game alone. Is he an elite NFL quarterback? No. At best, he is an average NFL QB with a very average game, but he is a person before he is anything else and no person deserves to be treated that way... EVER!

This was a disgusting display of humanity: forget about sportsmanship, this was a moral violation of the highest order. I am not going to say anything about the fans of Kansas City because their actions yesterday spoke louder than any words any of us could ever think to say.

I am very concerned that to some extent, this could be reflection on all of us and who we are becoming in today's society. How do you explain that to your children and what about the children who were at the game watching their parent(s) cheer this injured player? We are losing our way and it appears our compass is broken. Is our compass broken beyond repair? For the sake of all of us, I sincerely hope not.

To Matt Cassel: I am so sorry Matt and I hope you recover and suffer no permanent effects. My apology has little to do with your injury as much as it has to do with how we let you down yesterday as people. I for one, stood up in my living room and applauded you as you came off the field. I was very relieved to see you walk off the field. Take care Matt and again, I am so sorry.

Chiefs tackle, Eric Winston, shared his thoughts after the game and I strongly urge you to watch his comments below.