During the summer, there are many produce stands on the side of the road. There is one on Hwy 231 South, right after Masonville KY, that has the BEST tasting veggies AND directions on how to cook a perfect ear of corn. Here is how you do it.

You were probably was always to taught to steam bill your corn on the cob. Your Mom would usually have you sit out on the back porch and shuck the corn (which took forever and was a complete pain in the butt), then she would place each one in a big pan of boiling water. Well, that way is NOT the best way.

According to the farmer and owner of the vegetable stand, you DON'T shuck each ear of corn. You simply place each ear in the microwave!!! Take a look!


(You may already know this and I am just a dumb a**.....I mean....way behind. LOL _


Happy Fourth of July weekend! Enjoy!