It is going to be another hot weekend in the Tri-State and chances are you have or will be getting a watermelon to enjoy this weekend. If you want to do something different, that's inexpensive and harmless really, buy a second watermelon and get a lot of rubber bands and a video camera that allows you to slow down the picture and prepare to be amazed.

Two guys that call themselves the Slow Mo Guys have created another great video by exploding a watermelon with rubber bands. The guys begin to put rubber bands around the middle of the melon and keep doing it until the melon explodes, which it does.

What is so cool about this video is how an exploding watermelon looks in slow motion. Exploding the melon is fun, no doubt, but the slow motion action is as cool as it gets. I know what you are so want to try this - what about you? Enjoy.