Lately, it seems a lot of people have been trying to break world records for just about anything. Clapping your hands is something we all do quite frequently, but have you ever wondered how fast you can do it? How about jumping rope? We know how fast boxers and professional athletes can jump rope, but how fast is fast? Believe it or not, there are speed records for both and watching these two is truly amazing. I tried the clapping after watching the video...didn't work out so well and I won't even attempt the jump roping..I mean, who would?

Not sure of the young lady's name doing the jump rope, but she is so fast, you don't even see the rope and you barely see her feet leaving the floor. What she accomplishes in just 30 seconds is nothing short of astounding. I can assure you, if I ever have the same look on my face that she does, it's because I'm constipated... holy cow!

Then there is Bryan Bednarek who wanted to break the world record for hand claps in one minute, which stood at 721. He did 802. You have to watch these videos to believe them.