At first I thought the below video was a joke and then I realized it was not. Although the students are laughing and having a seemingly good time answering questions, there is nothing funny about what was happening in the video. We hear all the time that our kids are our future and while that is certainly true, we can only hope that the kids in the video are not an accurate representation of today's youth.

The students in the video have a very difficult time answering some very basic and simple questions. One girl says the Vice-President of the United States is George Bush and another says Bill Clinton or Bin Laden, then realizes it's Joe Biden after someone reminds her.  Most of the kids could not name a country that begins with the letter 'U', I don't know....maybe the United States of America.

This video is a little scary, but remember this was only one sample group and they were caught off-guard.

It was reported last week that Gisele Bundchen, wife of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, tweeted some friends asking them to pray for a Patriots victory in the Super Bowl and in light of the below video, maybe we could pray for something far more the future of our country. See for yourself, if you dare.