Chris Stapleton has shared the first official taste of new music from his upcoming album From A Room: Volume 2. Readers can press play above to hear "Millionaire."

Written by Kevin Welch, "Millionaire" is an acoustic guitar-driven track that keeps things simple: Although the rest of Stapleton's band comes in after the song's first few lines to make the melody a bit more lush, the focus remains on Stapleton's voice, and his wife Morgane's harmonies.

"Love is more precious than gold / Can't be bought, and it can't be sold," the Stapletons sing in the chorus of "Millionaire." "I've got love, enough to spare / That'd make me a millionaire."

The lyrics of "Millionaire" tell all about how, no matter how much monetary wealth you have, the love in your heart and the love of another make you rich: "When my pockets are empty and my cupboard is bare / I still feel like a millionaire."

"Millionaire" is the lead track on From A Room: Volume 2, Stapleton's second record of 2017. From A Room: Volume 1 dropped on May 5, and Volume 2 is set for release on Dec. 1. The project features nine tracks, seven of which were co-written by Stapleton; in addition to "Millionaire," the other non-Stapleton-penned song is “Friendship," originally sung by Pops Staples and written by Homer Banks and Lester Snell.

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