Today, Alan Jackson turns 54! Whoooo hooooo!! I'm sure he is celebrating in his quiet way, and with a shy smile and tilt of his head he is saying thank you to friends, family and fans, as they show him love today. You know, there is just something about the man in the white hat.

My favorite AJ song always makes me think of my parents who have been married for 48 years. Three children, seven grandchildren, one son-in-law, one daughter-in-law and two EX son in-laws later, their memories aren't all happy, some are bitter sweet, others are riddled with sadness but most of them are joyful and beautiful. Through all of the moments they have lived, the amazing and wonderful part is that all of THEIR 'remember whens'.... were together. :-)

Not many of us can say that. I love you Mom and Dad.

And thank you, Alan Jackson, for putting the beauty of staying together to music.

Happy Birthday!!