When Geico had the Gecko it made sense.  It was a quick play on words that people could associate with the insurance company.  That little Gecko has spawned so many other characters and Geico continues to run with all of them, most recently with the second appearance of thier Pig that says "Weeee."

Being, that I'm kind of in the advertising business myself, I often preach consistency with your message.  Success of the campaigns aside, let's look at the complete inconsistencies Geico has brought us through the years.

1) The Gecko is Annoyed

This was the start of Geico being an advertising giant, a simple, humorous message that was well done.  These ads were about the Gecko being confused with Geico and he wanted nothing of it.

2) Gecko Gives In

Seems that after all the phone calls he got, the Gecko jumped onto the bandwagon and decided that promoting Geico was more financially beneficial.

3) So Easy, A Caveman Can Do It

Many companies would choose to change their as campaigns after one gets stale, however, Geico just kept running the Gecko ads, and added a ton of the newest craze...that almost became a hit TV show (thank God it didn't)  The Cavemen!

4) Toss in some random celebrities

Apparently, the Gecko and Cavemen just weren't giving the insurance company what they needed, as Geico then ran a series of spots, with C-list celebrities like Charo, Michael Winslow, and Little Richard providing commentary to Geico customers.

5) Stack Of Money

If over the top celebrities, animals, and prehistoric humans weren't enough to sell the product, then you what to do?...SHOW ME THE MONEY.

6) The Question Guy

This one really seems to have caught fire, with the guy that asks questions and then cuts away to a "Family Guy-esque" comedy scene.  Heck even we've copied this one on WKDQ.

7) Wee! The Pig is Back

So, even these individual ads are now spinning off new versions, as it seems like the pig will be here to stay in his own series of commercials.

Wow, that's a lot of different messages.  I'm sure they are all very successful, just a lot to take in.  SO which ones are your favorites?