Beer is awesome and even though beer drinkers like multiple beers, they are almost always intensely loyal to one beer, as I am to Miller Lite. I have also gotten into craft beers over the last few years and the craft beer industry is exploding right now, in fact, a recent survey ranked all 50 states based solely on beer and Indiana comes in at number 18, which means top 20 baby!!!What do you really know about your favorite beer? The below video is all about fun beer facts, some of which are very surprising, like which beer began making cheese during prohibition and later sold their cheese recipe to Kraft?

Which beer is responsible for one of the most referenced books in the world? That question and many others are answered in the below video that is very enlightening.

I mentioned craft beers earlier and if you love craft beers, you will not want to miss our first ever Oktobeerfest on Saturday October 18th from 4-8pm and the Vandergurgh County 4-H Center, featuring more than 100 craft THAT'S A BEER BASH!!!