In honor of Jason Aldean's latest single 'Fly Over States' I put together a list of some of the coolest flight simulators I found on YouTube.

Homemade Boeing 737 Cockpit

This guy really went all out with all the controls. It doesn't seem like he's having much fun though. I mean how much fun can you have just sitting there waiting to get to your destination. That's when you're husband/wife becomes the flight attendant. "Excuse me honey, Can you make me a sandwich?"

the affordable diy cockpit

This one isn't as fance as the first one, so I can see how it would be more affordable. But, lets be realistic here.  Four widescreen LCD monitors, a thousand lights, around two computers, and dozens of authentic knobs is affordable, right?

and for my final video...

The best homemade cockpit

This one is the best one I've seen hands down. It pretty much explains why cockpit doors are locked in airplanes. It's not to keep you from getting in, it's to keep the boring from getting out.

I would love to have one of these. Except I would need some other entertainment on the center screen in between takeoff and landing.