Billy Bolin is probably best known for his position as the Chief of Police for the Evansville Police Department. And while Billy spends most of his days helping to make Evansville a safer city for us all to live and work - what is it that really makes this law enforcement mastermind tick?

To find out, we caught up with Billy and asked him five completely random questions in hopes that he would, first and foremost, not have us arrested and secondly, offer us some insight into the everyday life of a man with one of the most challenging jobs in the city.

We think his answers may surprise you.

1. What is your favorite restaurant in Evansville and what menu items would you highly recommend? Firefly Southern Grill - The country fried chicken with gravy, sweet potato casserole and cole slaw with cornbread. Best restaurant anywhere around Evansville. They actually closed a couple of years ago, but I'm hopeful the owners will read this and reopen for me!

2. It is karaoke night at your favorite local dive. What song are you most likely to sing before closing time? What is karaoke? Seriously, the odds of me singing at a local dive are about slim to zero. I did karaoke once for Cancer research (I have officially retired) and I did Garth Brook's Friends in Low Places.

3. You and three of your friends have just started a band called “The Billy Bolin Experience.” What is your role in the band and what are your influences? I have no talent - NONE - so whatever the easiest instrument to play is. I used to joke that I was going to be a bongo player. My musical collection would probably shock most. I'm a huge Garth Brooks fan, but my musical tastes are all over the chart, from KISS to Jimmy Buffett to NWA to Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, Zac Brown Band, you name it and I probably like it.

4. What is your favorite sitcom of all time and why? This is tough! King of Queens, followed by Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, Coach, Three's Company, etc. I like sitcoms that make you forget about life and laugh. I settle on King of Queens because I think Kevin James is hilarious.

5. What was the first car that you owned and how does it compare to what you drive now? 1984 Cutlass Cierra - it doesn't! It was junk, but I did have the rockin' Kenwood stereo system in it.

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