Brrrrr! It’s cold outside! Kids can get a little stir crazy this time of year. They still want to play but its rather chilly out…and where is the snow? I came across a list of fun, creative indoor games.

Below are my top five picks. Click on the games to learn more about them. Explore a little and see what other fun ideas are there. Have a fun WARM game day!

Pulling Together: There’s no “I” in team!

Read Your Friends Mind: Look who’s a Psychic!

Tag- Team Drawing: Oh the silly things to come!

Make a Ping- Pong Ball Jump: So simply, yet so entertaining!

Secret Snowman: Fun way to spice up family gatherings!

Indoor games are fun, but we still need to get out for a bit! Check out the second annual Kids Day brought to you by Alles Brothers Furniture in Henderson, KY. On Sunday, February 17th from 1pm-4pm there will be games, crafts and many more fun activities!