We are completely obsessed with celebrities in today's society. How else do you explain the success of the Kardashian family? There are so many people who would do just about anything just to be near a famous person.

Enter Brett Cohen, celebrity...well not really, but he sure fooled a lot of people who thought he was famous. Cohen says in the video that he always wanted to know what it would be like to be famous and decided to conduct a little social experiment in New York City - the results were astounding!

Cohen put on some cool clothes, hired some fake bodyguards, fake assistants, and fake paparazzi and came bursting out of NBC's 30 Rock studios and onto the streets of New York. The reaction was unbelievable - people could not get enough of him and swore up and down that they knew exactly who Brett Cohen was. People were even shouting, "I love Brett Cohen,” it was amazing. Try it sometime, I guarantee it will work perfectly as you can see below. We are so gullible!