For the 4th time in five years, I competed in the Celebrity Frog Race as a part of the Frog Follies event this weekend.  For the 4th weekend, I had a defective frog.

This race for bragging rights happens when several local celebrities get on their hands and knees, with a feather in their mouth, then they tickle the backside of a frog in hopes it will jump in a straight line and cross the finish line first.

It seemed that my frog would rather just sit still...and who could blame him.  I like to do that too.  But in the heat of competition?  COME ON KERMIT!

When all was said and done, my buddy and fellow afternoon dude on our sister station, 105.3 WJLT, Dave Westrich had the winning frog.  Congrats to him and thanks to all who gave their time for an event that is really all about Easter Seals.  The other competitors were Melissa Awesome from 106.1 Kiss FM, Sports Anchor, Drew Amman of Eyewitness News, Reporter/Anchor, Shalah Sasse from Eyewitness News, and Liberty Hill of WLFW.

Watch the Eyewitness News Coverage of the race (Including my frog getting scolded).