The Westside Nut Club Fall Festival is as much about the weird food concoctions as it is anything else. So many new and different gastronomical delights have been introduced over the years. Personally, I had an idea for a chocolate-dipped brain sandwich...who's with me? The Jelly Bean candy company has come up with two new head-scratching ideas. The first, draft beer flavored jelly beans, just doesn't sound right, does it? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE beer and I REALLY love jelly beans, but beer flavored? Sounds interesting, but making candy taste like beer just seems a little off, but in the interest of new things, I would take one for the team and gladly try it.

The second new Jelly Bean flavor is chocolate covered tobasco! Wait....what....chocolate covered TOBASCO? Chocolate and tobasco don't even belong in the same discussion, let alone a combined flavor, especially as a piece of candy. I would, however, try that as well, although reluctantly.

I'm still thinking the chocolate dipped brain sandwich might be the ticket. It is certainly is an untapped market with limitless potential!! Okay, maybe just limited potential...very little. What do you think?