Evansville is known for it's stoplights....we have some where they are not needed as much as in others like for instance, Virginia and Royal. Have you ever tried to turn left from Royal onto Virginia at peak traffic hours??? Geez!! Then there is Downtown Evansville. How many times have you waited for a green light and you are the only car at that intersection? That is so aggravating to just miss a light and then have to wait there for what seems like forever with no other cars at that intersection. Do you ever just go through if nobody else is there? I do...there, I said it.

 One of the problems is the fact that most of the lights in Downtown are on timers and not trigger sensors. A very busy intersection, with contstant traffic flow shoud have a timer, but what about a trigger sensor at intersections with little traffic, especially after regular business hours? That seems like a no-brainer to me, but if you have ever stopped at 4th and Main at 4am, you know what I'm Talking about.

 It makes no sense to have to sit and wait while the lights go through the sequence before you FINALLY get the green! It really makes more sense to use timers at very busy times and during Downtown events including the Ford Center, but for those off hours, let's get some trigger sensors.