If you find that you will be alone on Valentines Day, you might want to concider the ASPCA’s Meet Your Match pet pairing program — designed to match pet and human personalities — for unconditional love and companionship.  

Instead of bringing home the most adorable pet that first catches your eye, 'Meet Your Match' encourages you  to choose based on compatibility.

Once potential adopters fill out a 19-item questionnaire, they’re matched with appropriate pets. For both cats and dogs, the type of breed is less important than you’d think.

Of course, the secret is not just to find compatible personalities, but to also set up realistic expectations for owners, so that the relationship continues past the first stages.

“People often make decisions based on their heart and not their head, and maybe that won’t be the best match,” says Weiss. “The beauty of this program is that we can help shift perspective and set that person up with the right expectations. Love conquers all — especially if you have the right tools.”

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