As you know, I recently adopted my cat Emmy from the VHS. Well, before Emmy there was Ruby, and after Emmy, there was Bob. I just have to share with you all, the story of Bob and Ruby.

Ruby, the beautiful shepard mix you see in the picture, came into our lives a couple of years ago. She decided one day, while walking by our house, that we were a couple of suckers and that she had found a new home. Everyday, she would just lay in our yard and greet us when we arrived home or left the house. We waited a couple of weeks to see if she left or if anybody would come looking for her. But we soon realized we had a new pet whether we liked it or not. After hours of name deliberation, we named her Ruby.

Fast forward to late August of this year. My son and I were riding our bike to a nearby creek. As we are made our way, I heard a faint, weak "meow." I stopped my bike and looked over to the ditch and there sat the tiniest, little kitten I had ever seen. It was so skinny I knew it would die if it didn't get some food ASAP. So, we brought what is now Bob home.

At first we were scared that Ruby would go crazy when she saw Bob, as she usually did when a cat was within a few feet of the yard - no less IN IT.

Well, quite the contrary happened - they became best friends. They never leave each others side and are constantly playing together. They even SLEEP together. My 4 year old niece asked me, "Do you think Bob and Ruby will have puppies?" THAT'S how close they are. :-)