I want to be one of the first to congratulate David Nail on his second number one hit, "Whatever She's Got."  What!?  Really, only two number ones?  It seems to me that David Nail has been doing this country thing for years (and he has), but how he keeps getting overlooked and coming back, shows the chops of an artist who certainly has 'IT.'

My first encounter with David Nail was as an intern for a Louisville radio station in 2002.  Mercury Records brought through a group of new artists to debut them to the public.  Anthony Smith was the 'big star' in their eyes, but after his marginally successful 'If That Ain't Country,' he mainly went back to songwriting.  The second act was a big man named James Otto, who's done fairly well, but almost falls into the same category as David, but that's another blog for another day.

By now you know the third guy was David Nail, a young singer/songwriter with a debut song, I thought was destined to be a hit, called 'Memphis.'

My predictions didn't hold true for the single, as 'Memphis' stalled on the charts at #52.  I continued to listen to the song on my 'mix CD' since no album was ever released.  I also would see the song in karaoke books from time to time, and give it a whirl myself.

Eric Cornish

Amazingly enough, it was 5 years later before I encountered Nail again in of all places...Memphis!  He had recently been signed to a new deal, and was about to release a new single and hopefully album.  I told him I had sung his song in karaoke bars, and ironically he said, "So have I."  Apparently, the DJ asked him who sang that song and he responded 'Me."  Classic.

So the next single, was another disappointment, but a killer tune for sure, "I'm About To Come Alive."

That one stopped at #47 on the charts.  It seemed the next single would be make or break and sure enough...success, with the Top 10 hit, "Red Light!"  For most artists, this would be the fast track to getting the next single played, and even though, "Turning Home" featured Nail's best vocal performance yet, it stopped at #20.

The next single from David Nail might have taken a long time to get there, but would turn out to be the first number one for the artist in 2011, the powerful "Let It Rain."  So, finally, a number one to add to his former success should make him a lock for at least top 10's from here on out, right?  Especially with a SUPER, EMOTIONAL, POWERFUL, AMAZING tune like "Sound of a Million Dreams," right?  Right!?  Number 38!

For most labels and artists, that would spell the beginning of the end, but what does he go and do?  Another epic, near year-long run to the top with "Whatever She's Got" gives him another number one!  I like this guy.  I think he's so talented, and he deserves more!  I don't know what his next single will be, but I sure hope it doesn't follow the trend of his inconsistently consistent past, and goes straight to number one.  Before I end this, check out his take on a popular Adele tune.