Cleaver's Prime Sandwiches and Salads brings you another edition of the Country Whuppin'. On Thursday, Pike County boy, Jason Sturgeon, rallied to a big win over Glen Templeton by 88%. Today, "Time Bomb" faces the challenge of Dierks Bentley's new single.


Champion - Jason Sturgeon "Time Bomb"

Jason Sturgeon is a guy who grew up in the heart of America...right here in the Tri-State. That's why Jason sings about the stuff that goes on in our backyards. His latest single shows off his rockin' country side. Listen to this Indiana boy's "Time Bomb."


Challenger - Dierks Bentley "5-1-5-0"

Dierks is coming off a number one song in "Home" along with a nomination for the song at the ACM's. His follow up to the patriotic classic is at the opposite end of the spectrum. This song, co-written with Jim and Brett Beavers may be a little cryptic, but just remember that the numbers "5-1-5-0" are basically slang for someone who's gone crazy! Will this song do crazy good? You vote and tell us.

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