Back to the regular schedule as we get our Whuppin' on!  Cleaver's Prime Sandwiches and Salads brings you another edition of the Country Whuppin'.  Jared Blake's fans came out in droves to support their guy, as he demolished Mongomery Gentry by a 92% margin!  Today, Jared Blake's "Don't Mind" heads up against a guy we haven't heard much from in the past year.  Randy Houser is back to face Jared in today's Country Whuppin'.

Champion - Jared Blake "Don't Mind"

Jared Blake was writing songs in Nashville with his publishing deal on Sony, looking for a way to get noticed in the country music world.  Boy, did he find it.  Jared auditioned for a still unknown and unproven show on NBC called "The Voice."  Little did he know the show would be a runaway hit and that he would have the chance to be mentored by Blake Shelton.  While, Jared didn't win the competition, he is determined to make it in country music.  His first single is the gritty country-rock tune called "Don't Mind."


Challenger - Randy Houser "How Country Feels"

Randy Houser hit the scene in 2008 with the ballad, "Anything Goes."  His soulful sound made radio stand up and listen.  He then went in a different direction, giving us hard driving hits like "Boots On" and "Whistlin' Dixie."  With one of the most powerful voices in country, Randy is back with his latest single, "How Country Feels."

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